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07/23/2016 The John Carlson charter returned to the Bounty Hunter for a day of Fluke fishing. Rounding out John's crew were Mike, Mark, Chris & John. Paul got up to the rough bottom and a couple o ...
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07/22/2015 The Pat Vannest family joined Capt. Paul for their annual charter on the Bounty Hunter. Although Pat and her husband Rick and Son Brett live in Texas they try to get up to NJ as often a ...
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07/21/2016 Paul had the Don Beshada charter on board today. Don could not make the day so he sent his friend Dave Mcfadden to fill the trip. Along with Dave were his Son Luke and his friend Bryan. ...
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Payment Methods

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Our Rates and Policy


01. All Day Blackfishing On Wrecks & Rock Piles $780
02. All Day Wreck Fishing For Jumbo Seabass $780
03. Striped Bass, Clamming, Jigging, Trolling, Livelining
04. Striped Bass Fishing (Over 20 MI. From Inlet) $840
05. All Day Bluefish...Chumming, Jigging $780
06. Seabass/Fluke Combo $840
07. All Day Fluke Fishing $780
08. All Day Shark Fishing (Up To 50 Miles Offshore) $1320
09. Bluefin Tuna, Mudhole/Monster Ledge $1320
10. Bluefin Tuna (Up To 50 Miles Offshore)
11. TUNA, 1 Day Trolling at the Canyon $3500

$200 Deposit Required On Inshore Charters
$750 Deposit Required For 1 Day Canyon Charters

Mail Deposits To: Bounty Hunter Sportfishing
112 Buckingham Dr. North, Manchester, NJ 08759



  • No illegal drugs are permitted on board. The Bounty Hunter is a zero tolerance vessel, and you will be reported to the Coast Guard and State Police.
  • No hard liquor or wine permitted on board. A reasonable amount of beer is permitted. The Captain has final say on what is reasonable and reserves the right to inspect all bags and coolers.
  • WEAR PROPER FOOT WEAR - Boat shoes, sneakers or rubber boots will only be permitted.
  • PLEASE DO NOT WEAR - Flip Flops, Sandals, Work Boots, Shoes with leather heels and soles or Black rubber heels and soles. These will not be permitted
  • Travel light. Please do not overpack. Coolers for fish should be left in your vehicle. Your food and beverages will be placed in our refrigerator and cockpit storage area. When practical all coolers will be removed from the boat prior to departure. Any coolers allowed to stay on board must be plastic or fiberglass. Metal Coolers will not be allowed.
  • If you are Canyon Tuna fishing, the boat carries enough ice to keep 15 to 20 Tuna in prime condition. Once boxes are filled or the legal limits are reached the boat will leave for home. No whole Tuna will be allowed to leave the boat. All Tuna will be quartered.
  • Charters canceled due to weather, ocean conditions or for any other reason beyond the Captains control will be rescheduled. If rescheduling cannot be done due to time, weather or schedule constraints, deposits will carry over to the following year. Please note that rain is not a valid reason to cancel a charter. Deposits are not refundable for any reason. Not showing up on day of sailing or a Cancellation within 10 days of sailing date will Forfeit all Deposits.
  • Do not forget the Mates. They work hard to make your day an enjoyable one. All your fish will be cleaned and packed in bags for your trip home. Tipping is customary and 15% to 20% is typical.

Please make everyone in your group aware of these rules. It will ensure that all of us will have a safe and enjoyable day.