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11/26/2013 Capt. Paul had the Jeff Godlewski charter on board the Bounty Hunter today. We cleared the Inlet in the dark and at sunrise Paul had the charter on a large bird play. The guys started the day casting Jigs and soft baits. The first several fish were shorts but then we got on a larger pile and started to pick some nice keepers. Over the next few hours we Jigged 6 nice keepers and released over 20 shorts. When the Jig bite played itself out we put out the Trolling gear and trolled the last 4 large Bass. That gave us a limit catch of 10 Bass. The guy's were running on a tight schedule so we called it a day at 11:30AM. Jeff's crew were all newcomers to the Bounty Hunter and we hope to see them return soon. The Dec. 4th Open Boat Striper sailing is now full. 5 Spots are still available for the Dec. 2nd Open Boat Striper trip. Call 732-323-8700 to reserve your spot.

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11/23/2013 The Bill McLean charter was on board the Bounty Hunter today. Joining Bill were his friends Bob, John, Dennis & Dave. Paul ran to the northern grounds and we were greeted by a stiff NW wind. Jigging was out of the question so we started the day Trolling. We had our first short Bass in a few minutes and the little guys just kept coming one after another. We must have boated 50 shorts before we boxed our first keeper. After another 35 shorts we decided to move on. We moved a couple of miles to the south and got in on a decent troll bite.We had plenty of shorts but managed to box another 6 Keepers plus 2 Blues. It was fun fishing with Bill and his group. Nice people and we hope to see them back soon. Spots are available for the Dec. 2nd & 4th Open Boat Striper sailings. Call 732-323-8700 to reserve your spot.

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11/22/2013 Capt. Paul had the Matt MacSherry charter on board today. Along with Matt were his regulars Sean, Mac, Gary & Mick. We arrived on the grounds and had good reads immediately. Working Jigs the guys landed 3 keeper Bass and released over 30 shorts. Going up on the troll the fishing started of slow but as we got into the tide change the Bass showed up in good numbers. We trolled another 7 Bass for a Limit catch and then went on to add 5 Bonus fish Plus 4 Blues. While on the Troll we released another 15 short Bass. We will be running Open Boat Striper trips on Dec. 2nd & 4th. If you want to catch a Bass now is the time to go. Call 732-323-8700 to reserve your spot.

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11/20/2013 The Steve Lopez charter was on board today. Along with Steve were his wife Barbara and friends Bob, Ouida, Meryl & Sean. We arrived on the spot at 7AM in a relatively calm ocean. Jigging again was not productive so we decided to troll. By 8:30 the wind went Northeast with gusts to 20 and suddenly the ocean was not pretty. We spent the next couple of hours Trolling in some nasty 6 footers. Suprisingly everyone held up and fished thru horrible conditions. At 11:30 it was time to head for home. The charter finished up with 9 nice Bass in the box and released another 8. Overall it was a nasty day with 6 nice people that stuck it out. It's always a pleasure to have Steve and his crew on board.

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11/19/2013 Capt. Paul ran an Open Boat Striper trip today. On board we had Mark, Ralph, Bob, Charlie, Bill and newcomer to the Bounty Hunter Killian. We made our way down to the grounds and found acres of working birds. Paul read plenty of bait but very few Bass. We started the day Jigging but the best we could do was 5 misses. The Bass were not interested in the Jigs. Switching over to Trolling proved to be more productive as the guy's slowly put together Limit catch of 12 Bass plus 3 Bonus fish. We released 8 Short Bass. Overall it was good fishing. Not hectic but good enough to give everyone a few turns on the Rods. December Open Boat Striper trips will be posted shortly.

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11/17/2013 The David Guthain charter was on the Bounty Hunter today. Along with Dave we had Randall, Ryan, Patrick, Pat & Gary. The excellent Striper fishing continued for us today. We started the day Trolling but once hooked up the crew worked the Ava's. We had a steady pick alternating between Jigging & Trolling and we put together a Limit catch of 12 Bass plus 4 Bonus fish by 10AM. Another dozen short Bass were released. We spent the next hour Jigging and releasing some Bass. When the dense Fog rolled in we decided to call it a day and headed for home. 2 Spots are still open for the Nov. 27th Open Boat Striper sailing. Don't miss out on this great bite. Call me at 732-323-8700 to reserve your spot.

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11/16/2013 The great Striped Bass fishing continued today for the Bill Zuchero charter. Along with Bill were his fishing buddies Walt, Chris, Ron, Matt & Jon. Capt. Paul made his way back to yesterday's spot but found very little Bass activity. A move of a few miles put us right in the middle of the feeding Bass. We Trolled a few and Jigged a few and by 11AM we had a Limit catch of 12 nice Bass in the Box along with 6 Bonus fish. The split today was just about 50/50 between Trolling and Jigging. The Bass bit just about everything we put in the water. Over a dozen short Bass were released but we did keep 4 big Blues. Another good fishing day with a group of loyal Bounty Hunter supporters. They will be back next week to pick up where they left off today. The Open Boat Bass trip on the 25th is now booked. There are still 5 spots open on the trip scheduled for the 27th. E-Mail or call me at 732-323-8700 to reserve your spot.

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