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12/08/2016 The Enzo Padovani charter was on board today. Along with Enzo were Sean, Brian, Delbert & Bo. Getting to the grounds early we could see that yesterday's weather scattered the Bass and the shallow inshore areas were devoid of life. We searched over an hour and came up empty. Moving off into deeper water the bait reads improved and we finally got on some Bass. Trolling Shad rigs was the way to go today. The Shads saved what could have been a disaster. We went 7 for 8 on the Bass today finishing with 5 Bonus fish and 2 Unders the largest measuring 39". We also captured 1 Bluefish. One short Bass was released. It was tough fishing as the wind once again came on and made for uncomfortable conditions for the charter.

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12/06/2016 Today Capt. Paul had the "A-Team" on board. The team is made up with Michael, Dave, Frank, Ed, Ron & Tom. We were the first boat to arrive on the grounds this morning and found a massive top water feeding frenzy in progress. We had the entire feed to ourselves for the first hour. Casting Shads and Surface Poppers the lures caught Bass non stop. The action was so good that a couple of guys stopped fishing and started shooting I-Phone Videos. The Bite lasted until 9:30 then it was over. After it ended we went in search of the Bass and bait. After searching for a few hours without any success and the NE wind coming on the conditions slowly deteriorated. So, around Noon we decided to call it a day. The final count for the day was 57 Bass caught. A boat Limit of Bonus fish and Unders in the Box and the rest released. Another great day with the A-Team. Truly a day to remember.

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12/05/2016 Paul had the Librado Popocatl charter on board today. Along with Librado were Edgar, Jovanny, Junior, Louis and Greyono. Paul got an early morning start in the rain and made his way to the Bass grounds. Paul got on some solid reads and put out the Shad Rigs. We had our first Bass on within minutes and the bite never stopped. The crew went on to Troll up 28 Bass. They boxed a boat limit of 6 Bonus Bass along with 6 Unders up to 34" and 3 Bluefish. All the other Bass were released. By 10AM The guys had enough and asked to go home. A good day with a nice crew and we got home early.

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12/04/2016 Paul ran an open boat Striper trip today. On board we had John, Steve, Remo, Nick, Ken & Remo F. Paul got on some top water Bass early. Casting Shads for an hour only produced short Bass. When the Bass moved deep we put out the Mojos and Shad Rigs. Both produced Bass as the guys Trolled 17 Bass keeping 6 Bonus Bass, 3 Unders and 9 Blues. It was a nice day with another great crew. There is still 1 Spot available on the Dec. 11th Open Boat Blackfish trip. Call me at 732-323-8700 to reserve your spot.

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12/03/2012 The Luke Catanzaro charter sailed with Paul today. Along with Luke were Steve, Vince, Anthony, Anthony Sr. & Mustafa. Paul got on the schools of fast moving Bait and Bass early and the charter had a wild action day casting Shads for the entire trip. The NW wind was a bit sporty for most of the day but it was relatively comfortable where we were fishing. The boys got a good workout landing over 3 dozen Bass. They put 5 Unders on ice along with 6 Bonus fish and released the rest. We lost count of all the Shad eating Blues they landed but all were released. 2 Spots are still Open on the Dec. 11th Open Boat Striper trip. This great season is quickly coming to an end. Call 732-323-8700 To reserve your Spot.

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12/02/2016 The Matt MacSherry charter returned to the Bounty Hunter today. Filling out the group were Mac, Greg, Mick, Dave & Gary. Paul ran up to the rough bottom and made stops on several piles. The first stops were loaded with short tog and it took a while to get the bigger fish going. It was a long day but being patient paid off as when we called it a day the crew had boxed a limit catch of 36 nice size Tog. 2 Spots are still available on the Dec.11th Open Boat Striped Bass sailing. Call me at 732-323-8700 to reserve your spot.

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