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12/10/15 Paul had the Andy Zgura charter on board today. Along with Andy we had Ben, Doug & Ken. Today Paul fished to the north and got into the good reads early. Once we started casting the Shads and Jigs we got into a 2hr. insane Bluefish bite. It was Bluefishing at it's best with every cast producing a 12 to 16 lb. Blue. Some how in the middle of the mayhem we landed our first Keeper Bass. As quickly as it started it was over and the ocean was dead for the next few hours. We spent the last few hours casting into the occasional read and the guys added 4 more Bass up to 36" to the catch. We finished with 5 Bass and 8 Blues in the box. Lost track of the Blues released today. It was a nice weather day and we had a good crew on board. We will see them again come the Spring.

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12/08/15 Capt. Paul ran another Open Boat Striped Bass trip today. On board we had John, Fran, Paul & Rich. Paul ran down to the area where we had them over the last week but there was not a lot of life in the area. Casting Shads did not produce a fish. We got the word that the Body of fish was moving to the south quickly. A run down to the Barnegat Inlet area only got us into scattered reads. Going with the Shads again got us a couple of Bonus size Bass and a couple of Blues. Another move further south was an effort in futility as we only added a third Bonus fish and another Blue. At last word the Bass were 10 to 15 miles south of Barnegat and out of our range. We finished the day with 3 Bass and a couple of Blues. It was a tough day for the crew and the customers. We appreciate their understanding and hope to see them again.

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12/07/15 Don Beshada joined Capt. Paul for a few hours of Striped Bass fishing. Paul ran down to the area where we had a bite yesterday and the bait and Bass were there but not in great numbers. Don only wanted to cast Shads today so Paul got him right on the reads where he caught several Bonus size fish keeping his 1 fish limit and releasing the rest. Later in the morning the area lit up with Bird life and we had Bass crashing the bait on the surface. Don was casting the Shads and was hooked up as fast as the Shad hit the water. He landed over a dozen Bass up to 32". Don put his 1 fish limit in the box released the rest and called it a day. Paul had us back at the Marina at Noon. Another great weather day and as usual it was fun to fish with Don. Be back at it tomorrow with another great crew.

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12/06/15 The Dan Cells charter was on board today. Along with Dan were Jeremy, Carlos, Carlos Jr & Giovanni. The youngsters came out to get in on some of the good Bass fishing that we have been having. With a later start and a long ride we only caught the end of the early morning bite. We tried casting Shads and caught a few Bonus size Bass. Going to the troll with Shad rigs added a few more bonus size Bass to the catch along with several large Bluefish. When the bites ended we spent the rest of the day looking for reads and catching more smaller Bass. When the day ended we had one 34" Bass along with a boat limit of Bonus fish and 6 large Blues in the box. Over a dozen smaller Bass were released. It was another great weather day with a good crew.

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12/05/15 Paul ran an Open Boat Striped Bass trip today.On board we had Al, Marco, Cody, Ken & Lorenzo. With another early start Paul once again got on the fish quickly. Tossing Shads into the Bunker and Bass schools was the way to go. The fish were deep so we decided to tip our Shads with 4,6 & 8OZ. Lead Heads from "The Old Man's Tackle Box" and they worked perfectly. The guys had a non stop bite for most of the morning. Marco who was on his first ever Bass trip landed 14 nice Bass plus 2 Blues. The rest of the crew all had double digit catches. When we called it a day we had a boat limit of Bass up to 34" plus a Boat Limit of Bonus fish and we lost count of the released Bass. It just does not get any better. So, call to book a charter or jump on one of our Open Boat trips scheduled for Dec. 8th & Dec.13th. Call me at 732-323-8700 to reserve your spot.

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12/04/15 Long time Bounty Hunter supporter Matt MacSherry returned to the Bounty Hunter with his crew made up of Dave, Gary, Mick, Mac & Dom. Capt Paul got an early start and was the first boat on the Bass this morning. We broke out the Spinning gear and the boys went to work casting Shads into the schools of Bass & Bunker. The guys enjoyed a 2 hour bite before a few boats showed up to join the fun. By 9:30AM we had a Boat Limit of Bass up to 42" on ice along with 6 Bonus fish. We lost count on how many Bass were released. Getting out of the release Mode Paul made a move of a few miles and anchored on an Inshore pile where the charter spent the next few hours adding over 20 nice Tog to their catch. One Spot is still available on the Dec. 13th Open Boat Striped Bass sailing. If interested call me at 732-323-8700 to reserve the spot.

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12/03/15 After a few days of horrible weather Paul was back out today in search of the good Striped Bass fishing he had over the past week. On board today we had the Joe Manna charter along with his crew made up of Kevin, Quangly & Paul. It did not take long to find the bait along with some nice size Bass. The Shads were deployed and the bite was non stop. Around 11:30AM Joe's crew had all the action they wanted and we started for home. A fast count of today's numbers showed that Joe & his guy's had boxed a boat limit of Unders up to 42" and added 4 Bonus Bass. They also kept 4 Big Blues and had released over 15 Bass. I am running Open Boat Striped Bass trips on Dec, 7th, 8th, 10th & 13th. Now is the time to get out and catch your Bass. Give me a call at 732-323-8700 to reserve your spots,

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