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05/15/2016 The John Carlson charter joined Capt. Paul for a day of Striped Bass fishing. Along with John were friends Lewis, Mark, Chris, John & Jack. Paul went back to the area where he read the Bass yesterday and found that all the Blues had left. The only fish in the area were Bass. The Spoons were deployed and they did not disappoint as all the Bass landed were large. We finished with 5 Bass. The smallest was 38" and the largest was 46". The weights ranged from 25lbs. up to 40 lbs. for today's big fish. It appears a body of Bass is moving up the beach and if the Blues stay offshore we should have some decent fishing for the next few weeks. I am Running Open Boat SEABASS trips on May 26th & 31st and June 1st & 2nd. Some spots still remain Open. Call me at 732-323-8700 to reserve your spot.

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05/14/2016 The Katy Rudnick charter was on board today. Along with Katy were Joel, Michael, Nancy, Jeff & Doug. All 6 were new to Striped Bass fishing and were looking forward to landing a Bass. Paul worked north of our Inlet and had scattered reads of Bass & Blues. Pulling Spoons Katy had her first shot at a Bass and landed a nice size under. The Blues then moved in and provided most of the action. Another couple of Bass were hooked up but unfortunately hooks were pulled at the Transom. We finished with 1 Bass landed over 15 Blues while keeping 8 and releasing the rest. It was a nice day on the water and we got to spend it with a nice family. I am Sailing Open Boat SEABASS trips on May 26th & 31st and June 1st & 2nd. Spots are still available. Call 732-323-8700 to reserve your spot.

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05/13/2016 The Matt MacSherry charter was on board today. Making up Matt's crew were Mac, Jason, John, Gary and Mick. It was not an easy day as we had morning Fog, Afternoon rain and Bass & Blues that did not bite until the end of the day. Paul trolled many miles to no avail as the Bass had lockjaw until late afternoon. Only then did we get a couple of bites which came on Tournament Grade Tackle Spoons. The boys landed 2 nice bass and did not go home empty. We fished ocean side today and the bites came to the north. We will be running Open Boat SEABASS trips on May 26th & 31st and June 1st & 2nd, If you want to get in on some good fishing call 732-323-8700 to reserve a spot. A few openings are still available.

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05/10/2016 Today we had the Bill Mulliniks charter onboard the Bounty Hunter. Bill is a long time Bounty Hunter supporter and has been fishing with us over 20 years. We got an early start and headed to the northern grounds. The early boats were having a tough time as the Bass were scarce and even the Blues had left the area. Paul put out the Mojo's and it took a while for our first bite, It was a Blue that was lost boat side. Our first Bass was short and was released. There was not much action for most of the day. We finished up with 1 Bluefish in the box and beat the Skunk when we boated a whistle fish Bass which weighed in at 26 lbs. Just was not our day but we had lot's of company.

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05/07/2016 Capt. Paul ran another Open Boat Striped Bass trip today. On board we had Chris, Cody, Marco, Lorenzo, Ken & Dominick. The ride to the north was not as bad as we expected and conditions improved the further north we traveled. The early boats were getting a few Bass bites on MoJo's But the Blues were relentless. We put in our MoJo's but the Bass bites were scarce. You could easly catch all the Blues you ever wanted. We finished our day with 2 under Bass and had over 40 Blues. 2 Blues were kept and the rest were released. It was a great effort with a good crew. I will be sailing Open Boat Bass trips on May 9th, 11th & 12th. The weather forecast looks great so call 732-323-8700 or E-Mail me to reserve your spot.

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05/02/2016 Capt Paul ran his first trip of the 2016 season today with a 4 man Open Boat crew. On board we had Fran, Mark, Kamm and his son Tom. It was a day for the MoJo's and it did not take long to box our first keeper Bass. The fishing was not great but between the Bass and the big Blues it kept the boys busy. We finished the day with 3 keeper bass and released 2 along with 8 big blues which went into the box. It wasn't lights out fishing but it was a good start with a great crew. We hope to see them all on board in the future. We are sailing Open Boat Striper trips on May 6,7 & 8th. E-Mail or call me at 732-323-8700 to reserve your spot.

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12/13/15 Paul ran his last Open Boat trip for 2015 today. On board he had John, Ron, Mike, Gytis, Nick & Harold. Paul ran to the north and was one of the first boats on the Bass and Blues. It was all top water action as the bite was on. Casting Shads the guys enjoyed 2 hours of non stop action. Over 20 Bass were landed with 6 Bonus fish going in the box. The Big Blues were right in the mix. We kept a dozen and released the rest. When we lost the tide the bite was over. Working back to the south all we had was an occasional Blue. Paul decided to try south of our Inlet and found schools of Bunker. The crew got back into the small Bass and Blues. Trying Snag & Drop fishing with a couple of Rods produced a 38" Bass for Gytis.We finished with 7 Bass and a dozen Blues. Again, we had good weather a good crew and great fishing. Hope to see them all again in the Spring.

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