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Fishing Reports

06/19/15 The Tom Reynolds charter joined Capt. Paul for a day of Seabass fishing. You could not ask for a more picture perfect day on the ocean and as an added bonus the Seabass bite was great. Joining Tom were friends Rick, Matt, Damien & John. Paul fished up north and made several stops on the rough bottom. The boys started to put Seabass in the box and did not stop until they had a Boat Limit of 105 fish on ice. It was another good day with some new customers. We are sure they will be back. Spots are available for the scheduled Open Boat Fluke trips on July 1st, 2nd, 3rd, & 4th. If you're interested in getting on E-Mail or call 732-=323-8700 To reserve your spot.

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06/18/15 Don Beshada broke away from his busy work schedule to join Capt. Paul for his last shot at the Seabass before the season closure. Don only had a few hours so Paul ran him out to a piece where the bite has been good for us and Don filled his one man limit of 15 Seabass in less than ideal conditions. A brisk SE wind made for a little roll. With his limit in the box Don called it a day and had to get back to business. We are sailing Open Boat Fluke trips in July. Check our Open Boat / Charter page for dates. E-Mail or Call 732-323-8700 to reserve a spot.

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06/17/15 Capt. Paul ran another Open Boat Seabass trip today. On board we had all long time Bounty Hunter supporters. The crew was made up of Mark, Bob, Jay & Ron. Paul put the guy's on a good piece to start the day. They enjoyed a 2 hour bite putting 42 large Seabass in the box. With a good start Paul then spent the rest of the morning moving around and checking spots that he had not been on for a while. It was good fishing and the crew had no problem putting a limit catch of 60 Seanbass on ice plus 5 Ling. The boats crew got in on the bite and kept an additional 15 Seabass for their own consumption. E-Mail or call me at 732-323-8700 to reserve a spot on our upcoming Early July Open Boat Fluke trips.

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06/15/15 Capt. Paul had the Andrew Zgura charter on board today. Along with Andy were Doug, Matt & Don. Paul got an early start and once we cleared the Inlet we spent most of the day in foggy conditions. Paul stayed local today and worked some of the smaller inshore piles. On a few of the spots we read and caught Seabass pretty good on others we read Seabass but there was no significant bite. We made 7 Stops today and by 1PM we had managed to put together a 4 man limit catch of 60 Seabass along with 6 Ling. Not an easy day but the guy's worked hard and all went home with a bag of Fillets. We Have added July 8th, 9th, 10th & 12th to our July Open Boat Fluke schedule. If interested E-Mail or call me at 732-323-8700 to reserve a spot.

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06/14/15 Capt. Paul had the Vincent Tate charter on board the Bounty Hunter today. We did not have a good start to today's trip. With the customers on board a turn of the Starboard engine key produced total silence. Diagnosed by Capt. Paul as a bad starter. Took a while to make the repair and we got a late start. Paul ran up north and joined the fleet in what was a starring contest. No life, No bait, No Blues and No Bass to be found. We trolled Spoons and never had a touch. Thank God the charter had an adequate supply of beer, beautiful weather and a calm ocean. A late day move to the south and we got lucky. We trolled one (1) Striped Bass and that was it for the day. Stayed out later but that did not help. Off Monday. Be back at it on Tuesday. Looking forward to those Open Boat Fluke trips, Call and book your spot today.

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06/13/15 Capt. Paul had the Keith Studley charter on board today. Keith drove down from Maine with fishing buddies Matt & Chris to catch a NJ Striped Bass. Paul worked his way up the beach and after an hour of Bunker snagging we only had a dozen in the well. Livelining efforts did not produce. Paul decided to run to the north and put out the Trolling gear. It was a good decision as the guy's got into a good Bluefish bite. Along with the Blues they had 3 Bass hook ups on the Spoons. One was lost at the transom but 2 nice Bass were put in the boat. We finished with 2 Bass and the boys took 6 Blues home and released the rest. Open Boat Fluke scheduled for July 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th. E-Mail or call today to reserve your spot.

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06/12/15 The Matt MacSherry charter returned to the Bounty Hunter for their second Seabass trip this month. Along with Matt were his usual crew made up of Mac, Jason, Mick, Gary & Bill. Today's catch did not come easy. The guy's had to work hard for every fish that they put in the box. Paul made stops on several pieces where the guy's would box a few keepers and then have the bite shut down. It was slow frustrating fishing. The reward of the day came when one drop gave up some of the largest Seabass that we have seen this season. The guy's fished hard today and at the end of the day they had boxed their limit catch of 90 Seabass plus several Ling. It was a good day with a long time Bounty Hunter supporter. Spots are still available for the Open Boat Fluke trips scheduled for July 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th. E-Mail or call 732-323-8700 to reserve your spot.

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