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Fishing Reports

11/12/2014 Capt. Paul had the Keith Husler charter on board the Bounty Hunter today. Keith and his friends drove up from Delaware for their first ever Striped Bass charter. We left in a zero visibility fog this morning which made finding the Bunker schools difficult. After a slow ride to the area of yesterday's action we found the area devoid of life. So we joined the other boats for the Bunker search. As the Fog lifted one area started to produce Bass on the Bunker baits so we joined the group and after few hours of Snag & Drop instruction the guy's had several misses but finally landed 3 nice Bass. It was another nice day with a good crew. We will be back at it tomorrow with an Open Boat crew.

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11/11/2014 The Dave Dry charter joined Capt. Paul for a day of Striper fishing. Acting on recent Intel that a bite was shaping up on the southern grounds Paul turned right as we cleared the Inlet. We found the Bait schools and Bass exactly where we were told they would be. The jigging boats informed us that the Jigging was slow so rather than waste time we put out our Trolling gear. We had our first Bass within 10 minutes and the charter enjoyed a nice steady bite for the rest of the morning. Dave and his crew finished up with 10 Bass up to 30 lbs. on the troll and when Paul made a brief stop on a Bunker school on the way home we we went 1 for 3 while Livelining. It was a good day finally with a great crew. Will be back at it tomorrow.

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11/10/2014 We had the Ed Sobjak charter on board the Bounty Hunter on Monday. Paul decided to give the northern grounds another try. We had no problem finding the bait with good reads but once again an effort at Jigging was not productive. Finally it was decided to put out the Trolling gear and the bites started to come. For the day we trolled 21 Stripers. 20 were shorts and we finished with 1 keeper plus 7 Bluefish. It was not great fishing but it was a vast improvemewnt over the past few days.

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11/09/2014 The Don Beshada charter was scheduled for today. Don could not make the trip so he sent his friends Scott, Joe, Logan & Rich to pinch hit. After yesterday's horrible fishing down south Paul opted to head north. The fishing was not great but it was a lot better than yesterday. We spent the first 2 hurs Jigging and casting white Shads but never got a touch. Switching over to Trolling Shad rigs was more productive as we landed 5 Short Bass, 1 keeper Bass and 5 Bluefish which were released. At this time it's not lights out fishing but it is fishing. With the weekend over we are looking for an improvement during the week. We will be at it everyday this week.

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11/08/2014 Capt. Paul ran his first Striped Bass charter of the Fall season with the Chris Cameroni charter. Heading south we found the schools of top feeding Bass off IBSP. Unfortunately we could not get a Bass to bite. Jigging, casting Shads and finally Trolling Shad Rigs and tubes never got a touch. It was the same story on most of the boats we spoke with. Frustrating to say the least. Once the feeding was over the Bass disappeared and the ocean became a desert for the rest of the day. We will be back at it tomorrow and are hoping for better results.

10/20/2014 It was another good Open Boat Seabass trip with another great crew. On board we had Tom, Jay, Bill, Frank, Joe and newcomer to the Bounty Hunter Michael. Paul put the boys on a nice pile for our first stop and the Seabass were hungry. The guy's had 62 nice Seabass in the box when it was time to move. We made brief stops on a few more pieces and by Noon we had another 6 man limit catch of 90 quality Seabass plus 1 nice Porgy and 1 Triggerfish. The weather was fine the fish bit and everyone went home with a bag of fillets. What more can you ask for? Spots are still available for our Open Boat Striper trips scheduled for Nov. 13th & 26th. E-Mail or give me a call (732-323-8700) to reserve your spot.

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10/19/2014 Paul ran an Open boat trip to start off the Seabass season. On board we had regulars Steve, Michael and Albert along with newcomers to the Bounty Hunter Al, Rich & Pete. Paul decided to stay away from the inshore crowd and fish the deeper water. It was a good move as we did not have another boat around us all day and the deeper spots were holding some very nice Seabass. The crew boxed over 45 Seabass on the first drop and then picked away on the next drops to finish up with a 6 man limit catch of 90 quality Seabass along with 6 big Triggerfish. It was a great day on the water with a stellar crew. We hope to see them return soon. Spots are still available on our Open Boat Striper trips scheduled for Nov. 13th & 26th. The trip on the 18th is full. Call 732-323-8700 to reserve your spots.

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