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10/26/2016 Finally, After several days of non stop NW winds we caught a break in the weather. Paul had the Joe Morris charter on board today for our first Seabass attempt since Opening Day. Along with Joe were John, George & Zak. The first couple of stops were uneventful as the ocean still had a bit of a roll. We only picked a few keeper Seabass but the ever present 12.9999" size fish were active. As the wind decreased the bite improved and the 4 man crew went on to Box there limit catch of 60 Seabass along with a couple of Triggers. It was a fun day with a good crew. Looking forward to our next trips this weekend.

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10/08/2016 Capt. Paul had the Blake Reber charter on board the Bounty Hunter today. Blake's crew consisted of Liz, Chuck, Bob & Ron. Paul got the usual early start and anchored on the edge of the Hole. It only took a few minutes of chumming and we were into a non stop bite of "Alligator" Blues, some of which reached the 20 lb. mark. Bait and Jigs produced the catch. When we had 60 Blues on ice the crew went into a brief release mode and we then called it a day at 1PM. If you enjoy fighting big Bluefish now is the time to call and reserve your date. Weekend and weekdays are still available in October. I will be sailing Open Boat SEABASS trips on Oct. 25th & Oct. 28th. E-Mail or Call me at 732-323-8700 to reserve your spot.

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09/17/2016 Capt. Paul had the Greg Van Nest charter on board the Bounty Hunter today. Filling out Greg's group were Andy, Don & Eric. Paul got an early start and was one of the early boats on the Bluefish grounds. Setting up on the good reads Greg's crew Jigged 8 "Alligator" Blues between 15 & 20lbs. Switching over to Bait they topped the catch with Mackerel and one 17" Porgy. They also had several large Seabass which were released. We were off to a good start but when the area became crowded the bite slowed for us. There are plenty of Big Blues in the area and we have Weekends and week days available in Sept.& Oct. If catching monster Blues is your thing call me at 732-323-8700 for date availability.

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09/10/2016 The Carl Nelson charter was on board the Bounty Hunter today. Making up Carl's crew were Bill, Dan, Jeff & Danielle. The morning started off as a Fluke charter but it was soon evident that the 4 days of gale force NE winds put an end to the Fluke bite, So, Capt. Paul headed north and put together a mixed bag catch. The charter put together a nice pile of fish which at the end of the day sorted out to be 75 Bluefish up to 4lbs. Over 30 Mackerel, 20 Large Porgies up to 17" in length Plus 2 Bonito.In addition some very nice Seabass were caught and released. We spent the day with a nice crew and everyone went home with bags of fillets.

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8/31/2016 The Greg Wynn charter joined Capt. Paul today. Along with Greg were Larry, Louis, Shane ,David & Sean. It did not take long to realize that we were going to be in for a long and tough day. Paul hit all the rough bottom Fluke spots and from the first stop until the last all we seen were short Fluke. Even the Seabass were scarce. Today the fishing was terrible and it was not due to a lack of effort. They just did not bite. The guys were patient and understanding and despite the lack of bites we all had a good day on the water. Final tally 3 Fluke and 1 very unlucky Seabass.

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08/28/2016 Capt. Paul had the Joe Cardazone charter on board the Bounty Hunter today. Filling out Joe's crew were Jim, Andy, Dan, Terry & Mike. We caught a beautiful day to be on the ocean but the fishing was slow. Paul made several stops today and most only produced short Fluke and an occasional Seabass. The crew worked hard but at days end all we could come home with were 4 Fluke the largest at 25" and 7 Seabass. We had a good crew but the Fluke did not cooperate today. We are sailing Open Boat Fluke trips on Sept. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th. Spots are still available so call me at 732-323-8700 to reserve a Spot.

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08/16/16 The Mike Cuttitta charter was on board today. Rounding out today's crew were Frank, Eddie, Ron, Jim & Tom. Started the day with little to no drift. The guys picked a couple of shorts and dropped a nice fish at the boat. It really did not look promising so Paul decided to run north where we finally got into some decent fishing. We put 10 nice Fluke in the box and released over 40 shorts. We were looking pretty good until the south wind came on strong and put an end to the bite. Paul tried shallower water but it was a wasted effort. The guys landed a few short Fluke but the day was over for us. We finished with 10 Fluke in the box. Great crew all good Bucktailers and fun to fish with. We scheduled Open Boat Fluke trips for Sept. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th. Get on board. The Fluke Season will soon be closed. E-Mail or call 732-323-8700 to reserve your spot.

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