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11/23/2016 Today the Mike Cuttitta charter joined Paul. Along with Mike were Tom, Dave, Frank, Eddie & Ron. Paul ran back to where he left the Bass yesterday and we had immediate action. The guys spent the day casting Shads & Jigs. The count for the day was well over 20 Stripers with the guys keeping a boat limit of Unders Plus a boat Limit of Bonus fish. The largest fish of the day was a nice fat 40" Striper which was caught by Mike and released. Always a pleasure to have this crew on the boat. I am running Open Boat Blackfish Trip on Dec. 1st. Since The Stripers may be around for a while The Dec. 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th have been changed to Open Boat Striped Bass trips. Call 732-323-8700 to reserve your spot. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and we want to wish everyone a Happy Holiday. We are taking the day off but will be back at it on Friday.

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11/22/16 Capt. Paul had the Steve Lopez charter out today. Along with Steve were Eduardo, Miguel & Jose. Paul ran back to the area that was holding bait along with a good number of Bass. 3 of the crew on board were newbies to Ocean fishing and gave casting Shads a try but after an hour did not have much to show for their effort. Paul put out the Mojos and it was game on as the Crew landed a boat limit of unders up to 39", Three 27" Bonus fish and released 6 Unders up to 30". Along the way they also fought and landed 6 Big Blues. It was a good day of Bass fishing and we may have found 3 new customers. I will be running Open Boat Blackfish trips on Dec. 1st, 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th. If you like Tog fishing give me a call at 732-323-8700.

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11/19/2016 Today the Tom Elam charter was on board the Bounty Hunter. Tom's crew was made up by Burt, Nate, Joel, Dan & Kyle. Paul found the Bunker schools north of our inlet and the crew Snagged and Dropped live baits. We had several bumps but no hook ups. We could see Bass working the bunker schools on the surface so we put out the spoons and trolled. We landed 1 Bass and never got a second bite. Before calling it a day we landed 1 lone Bluefish and that was all the action we saw. As Tom was waiting for a Rod to go off I'm sure he was thinking about the 51 Lb. Bass he trolled with us back in June. It was a nice day with an understanding crew. It looks like we will be tied up at the Dock for a couple of days as Gale force winds with gusts up to 45 Knots are forecast. Be back at it on Tuesday

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11/18/2016 Today we had the Matt MacSherry charter on board. Along with Matt were regulars Gary, Greg, Dom, Mick & Mack. Today we were going to target Blackfish, So with an early start we ran up to the grounds and made drops on a few piles. The fishing was not good as we spent most of the morning fighting wind against the tide conditions. It was not until the tide change that the Tog finally started to chew. We had a steady pick but it was not good enough for a limit. The final count showed we had 25 Tog up to 7 lbs. in the box.It's always a fun day when these guys are on the boat. They will be back in 2 weeks.

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11/17/2016 Capt. Paul had long time Bounty Hunter customer Rich Dagostino on board today. Rich had his regular crew with him which was filled out by Dillon, Mike, Mark, Michael and Rich's Son Paul. Paul headed back to the spot where he had them good the last 2 days but found no love as the area showed very little life. Paul spent the next few hours searching but only managed 1 Bass on a Spoon. Around Noon the area exploded with Alligator Blues everywhere with Bass mixed in. The crew fished Livies, Cast Shads and Trolled Spoons. They caught all 3 ways but the "Alligators" controlled the Bite. When it ended the guys had 3 nice Unders in the box along with 18 very large Blues. A cancellation has made Nov. 29th available for a Striped Bass Charter. If anyone is interested call 732-323-8700.

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11/16/2016 The Brian Bonnett charter was on board today. Completing Brian's crew were Dan, Joe, Brian C. & Connor. Paul searched for the Bunker but found very few. Moving a few miles we came into some bird play and Paul put our the TGT Spoons. The Bass were there in good numbers but we were frustrated when for every Bass we landed we had several bumps & misses. The crew worked a long morning landing 14 Big Bass, Keeping 5 Under's and 1 Over fish which measured 47" and weighed in a few ounces short of 40 Lbs. Our smallest fish of the day was a 33" Bass. It was a perfect weather day and we made 5 new friends. Looking forward to their return.

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11/14/2016 The Ed Sobjak charter was on board today. Joining Ed were George, Mike, Brian, Jack & Phil. It did not take long for Paul to find the Bunker and the guys went to work with the Snags. The bite lasted a couple of hours and when it was over we had a boat limit of Unders and one 45" Over on ice, while more than 2 dozen Unders were released. To finish the day Paul made a move and put out the Spoons. The guys added several Monster Blues to their catch. It was good fishing and we guess the PA smokers will be busy for a while.

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