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Fishing Reports

11/27/15 Capt. Paul had the Ken Steiner charter on board today. Filling out Ken's crew were Jim, Bob, Matt & Andy. We ran up to the north this morning and Paul got on the Bait and Bass early. Paul broke out the Spinning tackle and Ken and his crew spent the day casting Shads. We had over 30 Bass on the Shads keeping 5 Bonus fish, 1 Bluefish and one Under. A short move put us on the Bunker Pods and a brief stop to try Snag & Drop fishing produced a 36" Bass and a couple of misses. Again, It was a perfect weather day and it was fun fishing with Ken & his crew. We will be back at it tomorrow.

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11/25/15 Long time Bounty Hunter supporter Steve Senff was on board the Bounty Hunter today. Along with Steve were Joe, Tom, Martin, Gene & Steve. Paul ran to the north today and located the Bird play, Bait and Bass. We put out the Shads and it was game on. We did not catch any Overs but we were in a school of big Unders and the bites were steady. By 10AM we were limited out on Unders up to 37" along with 1 Bonus fish and 2 big Blues. We spent the next couple of hours release fishing and when we called it a day over 25 big Bass were released. We are Off tomorrow but will be back at it on Friday. We wish everyone a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving.

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11/24/15 The Mike Karr charter was on board the Bounty Hunter. Rounding out Mike's crew were Micky, Chris, Daniel, Michael & Lance. It was not an easy day. Paul ran down to the southern area and the bait and Bass were gone. We spent an hour Trolling and managed 1 Bass and a Blue. Paul decided to run back and fish north of our Inlet. A small fleet of boats were reading fish and bait but no one had any bites. Paul put out the Trolling gear and worked the area. We had a slow bite of Bonus size Bass along with Unders and the occasional Bluefish.At the end of the day we had 3 Unders in the box along with 3 Bonus fish and 2 Blues. The Under fish measured 41",35" & 30". 6 Short Bass were released. It was another great weather day and we spent it with a good group of guys. We will be back at it again tomorrow.

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11/23/15 The Dave Dry charter returned to the Bounty Hunter today. Dave's last trip was cancelled due to the NE winds we were having and he was anxious to get in this trip. Along with Dave were Mark, John, David, Bobby & Mike. Dave and his crew caught the perfect weather day. NW winds and great ocean conditions. Paul made a right at the Inlet this morning and ran down to the area that was producing yesterday. The Bass did not disappoint. All the Bass were large today as the guys finished the day with 15 Big Bass. All the Bass were between 33" & 42 1/2". With the 2 largest Bass tipping the scale at 30 & 31 lbs. We kept a boat limit of 8 Bass and released the remaining 7. Great crew, Great fishing and we will be back at it tomorrow.

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11/22/15 Paul had the Mike Raimondi charter on board the Bounty Hunter today. Filling out Mike's charter were Tom, Lloyd & Tom. With a wind shift to the NW the ocean was a much friendlier place today. Paul started the day a short distance north of our Inlet then decided to run south on word that a few Bass were being caught below our Inlet. The Shad rigs were deployed and the bite was not bad.The crew had a nice steady pick boating 16 Bass. They kept 2 Unders which measured 29" and 34" along with 3 Bonus fish. The others were all released. It was another good day with a great crew.

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11/21/15 Capt. Paul had the Chris Marano charter on board today. Along with Chris were Jerry, Mike, Bill, Joe & Ken. Paul cleared the Inlet into a stiff NE wind and headed north. The first 10 miles were tough and the wind gusts up to 25 knots did not help the ride. The seas began to settle as we got further north and we put out the Trolling gear. The big Bass were scarce today and the Bonus size fish supplied the days action. For the day we had over a dozen Bass. The largest measured 35" and weighed 17 1/2 lbs. The rest were all Bonus size. We kept 2 and released the others. At 1PM the charter had their fill of big waves and small Bass so we called it a day. Be back at it tomorrow with another good crew.

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11/16/15 The Ed Sobjak charter was on board the Bounty Hunter today. Along with Ed were Kyle, Steve, Jim, Mike & Bruce. Paul ran to the area where he had the Bass yesterday. The reads were solid and after putting out the Trolling gear the guy's were into the Bass big time. We had plenty of hook ups but only managed to put 3 Bass in the boat while losing over 10. After a little instruction the guys settled down and the next 2 Bass were boated nicely. Steve a member of the charter fought the last Bass a 44 1/2" beauty and as the fish hit the deck Steve collapsed. Paul immediately seen that Steve was in need of Medical assistance. Manasquan CG had a fast boat within 3 miles of our location and they responded to our call and were boat side within minutes. Steve was transferred to the CG vessel and they were of to the Hospital where unfortunately Steve did not survive. Steve was an avid fisherman and he passed doing what he loved. He will be missed by all of us. Capt. Paul and the crew of the Bounty Hunter send their Condolences and Prayers to Steve's family during this difficult time.

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