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05/24/15 The Dave Dry charter returned to the Bounty Hunter today. Filling out Dave's crew were Rich, Matt, Dustin, Greg & DJ. This was Dave's second Bass charter this month. His first was spent up in Raritan Bay catching Bluefish so the boys were on the hunt for some big Bass. The morning Livelining was slow for us. Trolling was not producing any bites. A call from Capt. Ken (MIMI V)that he was into some good Bass reads got us on the fish and as the south wind increased the Bass turned on. DJ landed the first 48" Bass. The bite continued and Matt got his 48" Bass shortly after. We went 6 for 6 on the Troll and everyone caught a Bass in a rough ocean. Both large Bass weighed in just under 40 Lbs. Glad to see the guy's go home with some meat. They earned it.

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05/23/15 Capt. Paul ran an Open Boat Striped Bass trip today. On board we had Mark, Joe, Al, Ken, Joe & Tara. The 20+ mph North wind did not help matters today. The Bunker were down and snagging was not easy for the charter. We got the call that a bite started to the south but by the time we arrived it was just about over. Joe Constantine did manage to Liveline our only Bass of the day. It was a nice 32 Pound fish. Trolling was not productive and continued Livelining was the same. Tough day for us. Maybe tomorrow will be better with the expected wind shift. Open Boat Seabass. June 3rd & 24th. E-mail or call me at 732-323-8700 to reserve your spot.

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05/22/15 Long time Bounty Hunter supporter Keith Taboada was on board today. Filling out Keith's crew were David, Chris, Ryan, Dave & Pete. The Bunker are now in our waters so Livelining was the game. Paul got on the Pods and Keith's crew went 4 for 6 on big Bass. Chris landed the big fish for the day. It was his first Bass ever and it tipped the scales at 40Lbs. A brief effort at Trolling Spoons did not produce any Bass but we did have a few takers that missed the hooks. The Bass bite is starting to warm up so we hope to see the catches improve. All our Open Boat Bass trips are full. We do have openings on our June 3rd & 17th Open Boat Seabass trips. Give me a call at 732-323-8700 to reserve your spot.

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05/21/15 Don Beshada returned to the Bounty Hunter along with his daughter Emily. Emily was in search of her first big Bass and after our first and only bite of the day hit the Spoon she decided that it would be best if Dad turned the handle. Don did a nice job on the Rod and landed a 47" Bass that weighed in at 36 lbs. Don & Emily will be back in June to get in on some great Seabass fishing. Spots are still available for our scheduled Open Boat Seabass trips on June 3rd & 17th. Give me a call at 732-323-8700 to reserve your spot.

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05/20/15 The Frank Derrico charter joined Capt. Paul for a day of Striper fishing. Along with Frank we had Rich, Nick, Mason, Kevin & Russ. Paul got into the bait reads early and it did not take long for Frank to put a 45" Bass weighing 36 Lbs. in the box. We pulled the hook on our second Bass Then spent most of the morning Trolling the bait and Bass reads without any success. Mason added a nice 42" fish for our second Bass and Rich finished the day with a 39" Fish for our third Bass. Along the way we boxed 1 lonely Bluefish. Always a fun day when Frank and his crew are on board. We look forward to their return in June for some great Seabass fishing. Speaking of which there are still Spots Open for the June 3rd & 17th Open Boat Seabass trips. Give me a call at 732-323-8700 to reserve your spot.

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05/19/15 Don Beshada joined Capt. Paul and Tony for a short 4 hour Bass charter. Paul started the day running north in a Pea Soup fog. We did not read any Bass, Blues or Bait. The water clarity was poor and the temp was 56 Degrees. An hour Troll produced one Bass bite but the hook was pulled at boatside. A quick ride to the south got us into 58 degree clean water with no Blue activity an occasional bait read but we did not have any Bass hook ups. We left for home at 11:30 AM and did not get out of the fog until we arrived at the Inlet. 4 Spots are Open on the June 3rd Open Boat Seabass trip and 1 Spot is Open on the June 17th Open Boat Seabass trip. It's a short season so don't miss out. Call 732-323-8700 to reserve your spot.

05/17/15 Capt. Paul had the Chris Grogan charter on board the Bounty Hunter. Chris's crew consisted of Jim, Chris, Jim & Sean. The guy's wanted to put a bend in the rods and elected to start with a trip north to get in on the great Bluefish action. Paul got into the 58 degree water and the Blues did not disappoint. Trolling in a Zero visibility Fog they put what they wanted in the box and released the rest. A call from Capt. Rich (Jersey Hooker) that he was into some Bass closer to home and in warm sunshine ended the Bluefishing fast. Paul got in on the end of the tide and went 2 for 4 with 2 nice Bass topping off the box. It was another good day with a great crew. Striper fishing is starting to turn on as more Bass come into our waters. Bass are being caught from Barnegat up to Raritan Bay. Don't miss out. Call 732-323-8700 to get on our scheduled Open Boat Striper trips on May 23rd & 25th.

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