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Fishing Reports

12/19/2014 The Bounty Hunter is now out of the water for the winter. Tony & I would like to thank all of you that fished with us during 2014 and we look forward to seeing you all again in 2015. In the meantime have a Merry Christmas and a Safe and Prosperous New Year. You can call and book your 2015 charter at any time (732-323-8700) Also don't forget to sign up for the Bounty Hunter Open Boat Program. (Open Boat Charter Page). See you in the Spring. Regards Capt. Paul

11/23/2014 Don Beshada was on board the Bounty Hunter today along with his friend Scott. Paul headed south and after an hour search finally got on the Bass reads. Putting out the rigs the Troll bite was slow. We landed a few shorts and finally boxed 2 Keepers. With Don having a business commitment in the afternoon we only fished for 4 hours then called it a day. Plenty of Bass around the problem is getting them to bite.

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11/22/2014 The Guy Rogers charter was on board today. Paul headed south and we Trolled the area off of IBSP. We had a slow steady bite on the Rigs but unfortunately 99% of the Bass were short. You could troll all the 26" & 27" Bass you wanted but the keeper size were scarce. After a long day we finished with 2 Keeper Bass and released over 2 dozen shorts. The weather finally got a bit warmer and we enjoyed a good day with an understanding crew.

11/16/2014 Today the Bill Zuchero charter was on board the Bounty Hunter. As usual we got an early start and Paul put us on the Bunker schools early. There was no love for us today as we worked 3 or 4 schools and all we got was a couple of run offs and that was it for the Snag & Drop portion of the trip. Going up on the troll was not much better as once again the Trolling areas were taken over by the Bluefish. The guy's did manage to box 2 nice Bass but the rest of tha action was strictly Blues. It was a nice calm day on the ocean but not enough Bass to go around. Be back at it after the weather clears out in a few days.

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11/15/2014 The Rich Dagostino charter was on board the Bounty Hunter today. We had an early start and got on a school of Bunker a short distance from our Inlet. We landed our first 2 Bass livelining and as the area got crowded we moved and made stops on 2 more Bunker schools but came up empty. We then decided to go on the Troll a little further offshore. The fishing was not great but over the course of the day we managed another 3 Bass on the troll along with 8 large Bluefish. It was a perfect weather day a bit crowded but it was the weekend. We will be back at it again in the morning.

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11/14/2014 The Ed Warters charter was on board today. We found the Bunker a short distance from the Inlet and went right to Snag & Drop fishing. The Brisk morning wind made for tough conditions but we managed to box our first Bass within a few minutes. It did not take long for the area to get crowded and the bite shut down for us. A call from Capt. Nick (Benchmark) that he was into a pretty good Troll bite got us on our way. Nick was not wrong. Trolling Spoons the charter enjoyed a great bite which enabled them to put 11 additional Bass in the box. We had our 6 man limit by Noon and headed for home. Ed's been fishing with us a long time and we were glad that we could put a good trip together for him on a windy day.

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11/13/2014 Capt. Paul ran another Open Boat Striped Bass trip today. On board we had regulars Tom. Bill, Bob, Bill & newcomers to the Bounty Hunter John and Jessica. Paul got on the Bunker close to home and the crew loaded the livewell with a good supply of Baits. Over the next few hours they went on to put 6 nice Bass in the box. When the Liveline bite was over it was decided to finish the day Trolling Spoons. Paul got on some good reads and the crew went on to add another 4 big Bass to the catch giving them a total of 10 Bass for the day. We spent the day with a top notch crew. We will be back at it tomorrow.

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